Greaser Demon

Freelance Digital ArtistAspiring Tattoo Artist

Male ♂ | 1993 | Goth | Metalhead | Twink | Mixed

Pagan [Heathen] & Theistic Satanist
GMT +1 [CET] | English & Deutsch

Sad mad So-Cal goth guy living in Germany since 2013
Freelance digital art and aspiring to be a tattoo artist
I want to make tattooing my main & digital art my hobby,
so I can focus it into a queer webcomic !
I am opinionated and can be stubborn about some things
but I am also open-minded and civil with discussions.
My picture on here is outdated, I cut my hair :^(

Business Email: [email protected]
Personal Email: [email protected]

[ Do Interact ]

♦ If you like my artwork ♥♦ If you have the same opinions as me or different opinions than me♦ If you misunderstood something I said or did and
would like me to clarify or confirm anything.
(I highly appreciate this too, thank you!)
♦ You want to get to know me and, or possibly create a friendship♦ You like bats 🦇Note: If you blocked me I will respect that and leave you alone
I don't block evade or stalk people

I also do not support, endorse nor associate myself with NFTs or Crypto.

[ FAQ ]

Can I add you on discord?
Yes (GreaserDemon#0570)
Are you okay with small talk?
Are you okay with discussions & debates?
Yes so long as you keep it civil
Do you take requests?
Rarely and I will post a journal or tweet etc.
Please don't dm me randomly asking B,)
Are you okay with fav spam?
Spam me bro
Do you do art trades?
Yes but usually with mutuals,
I might sometimes do trades with non-mutuals though,
you can ask if it says OPEN on my page!
Can I add your characters to Dreamy Folders?
Yes! Go for it!
Can I kin your characters?
It really depends on the situation and how you treat kins.
Most of my characters are quite personal and have pieces
of myself woven into each of them.
Can our characters be friends?
It depends? Some of my characters are assholes lol
I mean you can still try with them
Just link me which ones you're interested
in creating a friendship with yours!
Can I add you / Play with you on Guild Wars 2?
Yes and Yes, please do (Vitiatus.9605)
Do you play AFK Arena?
Yes (GreaserDemon) but I only add active players!
My list is full but I will make space for active players !
What about Minecraft?
Yes! I am (FruitBatBat)
I mostly re-build poorly scripted villages or cave dive

[ Interests ]

Bats of all kinds ♥ | Bat Facts/Knowledge/Health
Norse Mythology / Heathenry | Other Pagan Beliefs
Theistic Satanism & Demonology |
The Unknown / Afterlife / Death
Music | Horror | Science | Technology | Nature
Demons | Monsters | Biblically Accurate Angels & Horror-Angels
Deer | Corvids | Felines | Canines
Skulls | Pelts | Horns | Leather & Steel works | Blacksmithing
Self Sustain Home Life Nature | Historical Ruins
Video Games | Story & Character Development | Creating Comics

[ Hobbies ]

Tattooing | Drawing | Gaming
Roleplaying | Helping out in the garden [When I have time]
Re-Learning Music [E-Guitar, Piano and I want to learn the Drums]Reading into stuff that interests me | Tending to the chickens & ducks
Going out with friends into town | Taking walks in the woods

[ Music ]

[I enjoy Metal, Rock and Ritualistic Music, especially Nordic Ritual]A7X | Korn | Heilung | Creature Feature | Danheim | MSI | Billy Talent
Blind Guardian | Alkaline Trio | MCR | The Hu
(and generally Mongolian Throat Singing)
Dethklok | Dream Theater | System of a Down
Guano Apes | Metallica | Die Antwoord
Linkin Park | PATD | Green Day | ACDC | Queen | Bing Crosby
Elvis Presley | The Beatles | And much more!

I know currently some of my bands are mixing themselves up into N/F/T garbage and it saddens me greatly, I am hoping that they drop that shit after it goes downhill...
For now I am not financially supporting them in any way till they drop it

[ Games ]

Fallout [NV,4,76] | Guild Wars 2 | Alice Madness Returns
Assassins Creed Valhalla & 1 | Silent Hill [All] | The Evil Within [1/2]
Bioshock [All] | Infamous [All] | Dark Souls / Demon Souls | Elden Ring
The Witcher | Outlast | Deadspace | Mass Effect | Animal Crossing | Pokémon [All]
My Time At Portia | Stardew Valley | Starbound | Spyro | Crash Bandicoot
Yume Nikki | OFF | IB | Witch's House | Mad Father
and much more!

[ Films ]

[ My main Genre is Horror ]The Conjuring Series | Scream Series | Halloween Series | Chappie
IT Series (Old & New) | District 9 | Mama | Pet Semetary | Swiss Army Man
Pans Labyrinth | Alien Series (Including Covenant & Prometheus)
Generally Classic Horror Movies from the 80s to mid-late 2000s
Paprika | Howls Moving Castle | Perfect Blue | The Cat Returns |
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind | Spirited Away | The Secret of Kells
GOTG | Iron Man | Thor | The grudge | The Ring | Fido
Dead Alive | Shawn Of The Dead | Hot Fuzz
Austin Powers | Avengers [1 mostly] | Harry Potter [All]
Fantastic Beasts [Only the 1st, I hated the 2nd]

I'm kind of distancing myself from the Harry Potter series though
because I really dislike JK-Rowling due to her being a transphobe & terf
I don't judge anyone who still loves Harry Potter though.

[ TV Shows ]

Stranger Things | Metalocalypse, American Horror Story | Invader Zim
Over The Garden Wall | Adventure Time | Bates Motel | Supernatural
Criminal Minds | The Amazing World of Gumball | Bobs Burgers | Doctor Who
Cowboy Bebop | Lupin III | Detective Conan | Gurren Lagann | Ghost in the Shell
Hellsing | Blood + | Wolf's Rain | Inuyasha | DRRR | Bleach | FLCL | Code Geass
Witchblade | Sym-Bionic Titan | Teen Titans | One Piece | Naruto | FullMetal
I'm not really interested in 90% of new animes
you can still suggest me some but tend to only like the old stuff