Greaser Demon

Professional Digital Artist
Tattoo Artist [In the making]

Hello! I am Rory or Addison (either is fine, I have a double name), my artist alias is GreaserDemon! Currently my main job is digital art but I aim to make it my secondary job and hobby beside my main job, which will be tattooing! I plan on creating a webcomic as well with my husband.

I do not identify as any specific kind of artist since I just draw whatever I feel like drawing, but I tend to favor, horror, dark, tragic and gore themes!

Humanoid, anthro, quadrupedal, sfw, nsfw, gore, you name it, I draw it all and take commissions via Paypal. Personal use only!


Your weird ass SOCAL American goth-mix guy, who lived in the US till 19 years of age, then moved to Germany! I have been living here since and can speak both English and German.

Yes I am I am hella homesick and wish I could visit the US way more often than I currently do (which is pretty much never, due to expensive plane tickets and poor timing...) I aim to change that though! I don't plan on moving back, but visiting more frequently, for sure!

I aim to visit family and friends much more when I have the time and the money for flight tickets. Despite my distaste for hot weather, surprisingly I love the beach more than the forest. Naturally though I am an autumn and winter person, chilly weather is a comfort zone. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I will watch every fucking horror movie on this planet!

Although I am often commissioned anthro artwork and I own a handful of anthro characters, I still do not identify as a furry ( not that I care if others assume I am ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ). I tend to use my humanoid characters way more in rpgs than my anthro characters but I value them both equally (especially my personas and fursonas!)

[Personal FAQ]

Can I use your art?
If it's fandom art you may use it for personal use with credit. If it's character artwork (my own or someone elses) then no! You may NOT use any of my artwork for Commercial purposes either.

Can we be friends?
No, not if you just casually ask me like that. If we become friends over time, we become friends simply. Asking is awkward and unnecessary my dude.

Can I add you on discord?
Yes its GreaserDemon #0570

Why did you move to Germany?
Because the US sucks
Just kidding (partly... I mean right not it REALLY sucks...i'm sorry you guys have to deal with him). I moved to be with my husband (he is German and did not want to move in with me in the US), but I dearly miss my hometown, my family and some of my old friends who still try to keep in contact with me especially! I also REALLY want to see my new friends I've made online who also live in the US.

Can you speak German?
Yes, I am just slower with German and make occasional small slip ups, since it's not my native. I will admit I could be better and I'm working on that too, but don't let that ever stop you from talking German with me. I actually really appreciate it, since it helps me grow and better my German skills.

Are you open to oc friendships/relationships etc.?
Yes of course, always my dude! You can dm, note, comment etc. asking whenever you like! Just make sure the characters personalities and styles fit in some way!

Do you Roleplay ?
Hell yes, I love it, preferably story driven 18+! You can check my preferences/genres etc here:
RP Preferences

Are you a furry?
Nope, but I do have fursonas and I do draw a lot of anthro characters, since they're easy to draw and people like commissioning me furry art mostly. I have mainly 'personas' though!


Demons, Greasers, Nsfw, Gore/Macabre, Retro-Futurism, Retro 50s-70s, Sci-fi, Horror, Halloween, Tragedy, Dark, Monsters, Occult/Witchcraft, Apocolyptic, Gothic Victorian, Steampunk, Celtic, Medieval, Ancient Rome, Aliens, BATS (Megabats being my fav), Cervine, Corvidae, Felines, Canines, Reptiles

Both a dog and cat person, and I think it's okay to dislike one or the other, or even both! I won't flip my shit like some people do over it. Just means more doggos and kitties for me!


Drawing, Gaming, Written RPGs, Music [Re-learning E-guitar and Piano], Baking, Gardening


[I enjoy Metal and Rock most]

A7x, Creature Feature, MSI, Billy Talent, Blind Guardian, Korn, ACDC, MCR, Dethklok, Dream Theater, Queen, Metallica, Alkaline Trio, Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, Die Antwoord, System of a down, Green Day (older),, Linkin Park (older), PATD (older), The Beatles and more!

I strongly dislike Kpop/Jpop and generally "most" Pop genres, also American country music.


Fallout (Series), Guild Wars 2, Silent Hill, The Evil Within, Bioshock (all), Infamous (Series), Dark Souls, The Witcher, Outlast, Deadspace, Mass Effect, Pokémon (all), My time At Portia, Animal Crossing, Spyro, Crash, IB/Yume Nikki/Witches House/Mad Father (pixel horror games) , Assassins Creed, Stardew Valley, Starbound, Saints Row 3, Dream Daddy


[My main Genre is Horror]

The Conjuring series, Chappie, District 9, IT, Pet Sematary, Swiss Army Man, Alien Series (including Covenant and Prometheus), GOTG, Iron Man, Thor, The grudge, The Ring, Fido, Dead Alive, Shawn of the dead, Hot Fuzz, The Secret of Kells, Austin Powers (all), Harry Potter (all), Fantastic Beasts, Avengers

I dislike most RomComs, the only few I've liked were animated films, which I'll let slide since I love a good animation and voice acting.

TV Shows

Stranger Things, Metalocalypse, American Horror Story, Invader Zim, Over The Garden Wall, Adventure Time, Bates Motel, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, The Amazing world of gumball, Bobs Burgers, Star Trek, Doctor Who

Surprisingly I don't really like anime nor watch it anymore since I was a teen. I might re-watch oldies I liked back then, I might also check out new ones if I find the story worth it. Generally though I'm just "not into anime" anymore...